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Seasonal News & Updates

If you feel that you are paying too much for your feed and supplements; stop in or call and see what we can do for you.  With a full lineup of minerals, supplements, and complete feeds as well as nutritionists on site; we can accommodate most needs. 

Stop in today for your lawn grass seed needs.  Available now.  We carry quality Mustang/Coyote brand seed.


  • Coyote Lawn Mix

  • Dwarf Fescue

  • Endurance Lawn Mix

We are now carrying Rancher's Choice Plastic Tubs in 250lb in addition to our normal Crystalyx tubs.  

  • Ranchers Choice 30% Protein tub

  • 18% all natural

  • Mineral licks

  • All natural Stress Tub

  • Other's available special order



Frontier Mills is a custom feed mill, we manufacture a complete line of livestock feeds for all your needs. We also carry Hubbard Brand feeds, Akey swine feeds and Country Vet pet food.  We have milk replacer for calves, kids and lambs. Also have various types of salt, and mineral blocks. 









Forage Lab

The lab was purchased in 2012 with from Riverside Premium Labs. To expand the usefulness of the NIR machines and testing capabilities and to better match the needs of the Nutritionists, we worked with Caltest to further develop our testing capabilities. As a result, we can now process a majority of forage samples in house, saving time and expense. The program expansion allow us to provide more detailed and specific results to use for balancing rations, decisions on purchasing, selling, pricing and advertising forages.  In 2018, the lab was updated to better serve our customers.

Feedstuff's that we can test on site 

  • Alfalfa Hay

  • Alfalfa Haylage

  • Grass Hay

  • Mixed Hay

  • Mixed Haylage

  • Small Grain Hay

  • Small Grain Silage

  • Sorghum Hay

  • Sorghum Silage

  • Corn Hay/Stover

  • Corn Silage

  • Earlage

  • High Moisture Corn

  • Dry Corn

Testing Constituents


•Dry Matter

•Crude Protein

•Soluble Protein

•Acid Detergent Fiber

•Neutral Detergent Fiber

•Digestible Neutral Detergent Fiber (48hr)

•Total Digestible Nutrients

•Net Energy for Lactation Mcal/lb

•Net Energy for Maintenance Mcal/lb

•Net Energy for Gain Mcal/lb

•Relative Feed Value RFV

•Relative ForageQuality RFQ











•Nitrates (RQ Flex)


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